5G download speeds in Bahrain peaks to 3.2 Gbps

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) released its 2022 report on the Quality of Service (QoS) of mobile networks in the Kingdom. This comprehensive audit aimed to provide an accurate assessment of Bahrain’s mobile network performance and user experience based on three main areas: mobile coverage, quality of service, and billing.

According to the research, 5G download speeds in Bahrain reached a peak of 3.2 Gbps, enabling consumers to connect faster. Furthermore, 4G network average download speeds have more than doubled since 2020, going up from 85 Mbps in 2020 to 266 Mbps in 2022.

“Almost all of us use mobile services every day. Good mobile quality of service is essential. Our Mobile Audit shows that the quality of all three of our mobile networks and the services they support is good and continues to improve” Philip Marnick, TRA General Director, said.

“The TRA’s mobile audit is a comprehensive review of network performance. In order to ensure that the results reflect the real performance of the networks and services, certain unreliable data had to be removed. The increasing availability and use of 5G and improved network performance have led to the increase in the quality of service we see” he added.

“These achievements come as a result of the collaborative efforts between the TRA, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and other stakeholders right across Bahrain’s telecommunications industry” he said.

The TRA’s QoS audit explored different areas of user experience, such as download and upload speeds, latency, social networking app performance, and webpage browsing. The report emphasizes mobile network progress, with 5G technology from all three Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) providing coverage across the whole population.

Source: Bahrain News Agency (BNA)