A civilian was killed by an arms workshop explosion in western Idlib on September 11

A huge explosion, whose exact cause has not yet been identified, hit an armed opposition faction’s arms-manufacturing workshop in the Tal al Dwair region near Hafsarja village in Idlib governorate western suburbs on September 11, 2022. One internally displaced person, named as Munzer Ibrahim al-Raslan, originally from al Tamane’a town south of Idlib governorate, who lived in a house nearby the workshop, was killed by shrapnel from the explosion.

The area is under the joint control of Hay’at Tahrir al Sham and armed opposition factions.

SNHR condemns all military presence in civilian-populated areas, and calls on all controlling forces to protect civilians in areas under their control, and to move any military presence away from residential areas.

We also call for a full investigation into the incident and insist that its findings should be revealed to the public, and we again emphasize that there will be no stability in Syria without a genuine political process moving towards democracy, implemented according to a set timetable.

Source: Syrian Network