Angolan Minister of Tourism and Culture Visits Cultural Development Fund

The Angolan State Minister for Tourism and Culture, Maria da Piedade de Jesus, visited the headquarters of the Cultural Department Fund (CDF) in Riyadh. During her visit, she met with the CEO of CDF, Mohammed bin Dayel. The purpose of this visit was to gain an understanding of the CDF’s role as a major financial enabler for the cultural sector, the activities it oversees, and to discuss opportunities for cultural cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Angola, as well as opening cultural prospects with relevant entities in Angola.

The meeting also encompassed a review of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 objectives and its aspirations for cultivating a diversified economy. These objectives are being realized through the Kingdom’s initiatives to invest in the cultural sector, attract both domestic and foreign investments to bolster the international dissemination of cultural content, and position Saudi Arabia as a prominent global cultural influencer.

Source: Saudi Press Agency