Cartoonist Raed Khalil wins two international awards

Syrian cartoonist Raed Khalil has won two awards in two international competitions in South Korea and Croatia, which were held with wide participation of cartoonists worldwide.


Khalil won the first award at the 10th Sejong International Cartoon Contest held in Korea, as he participated with an artwork through which he portrayed the reality of wars with a highly eloquent and mocking description of American arrogance and its subversive role in the countries of the world.


Meanwhile, the second award was obtained at the 1st International Cartoon Exhibition ZeGeBOOM, held in Croatia with the participation of 154 painters from 42 countries.


“The winning artworks come in the framework of the political mission of caricature art, its characteristics, and its essential function in opening closed doors,” Artist Khalil said in a statement to SANA correspondent.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)