Kataeb Leader Samy Gemayel received on Thursday French Presidential Envoy Jean-Yves Le Drian at the Kataeb Headquarters in Saifi.

‘Today’s meeting was positive, marked by a heartfelt exchange that led to a significant breakthrough in the French stance,’ Gemayel said in a press conference.

‘We all support the idea of a consensus presidential candidate, while Hezbollah refuses to engage in dialogue with others and insists on imposing its own candidate. Therefore, there can be no equality between the obstructive, the hesitant, and those in favor of ‘consensus’ who attend sessions,’ he went on saying.

‘Today, it has become clear and understood where the obstruction comes from, and the ball is now in the court of Hezbollah and its allies. We call on them to meet us halfway on the presidential front, rising above the logic of obstruction. Today, the only option lies in consensus candidates who garner the confidence and support of all parties,’ Gemayel noted.

‘We discussed all possible presidential scenarios wi
th the French envoy and also warned against any regional settlements detrimental to Lebanon’s interests. I spoke about this in the French Parliament, and it will also be the focus of my speech in Washington,’ he affirmed.

Gemayel emphasized that the concern regarding Lebanon and its security is significant, stating: ‘We are in a state of war and need a unified and strong military institution capable of protecting Lebanon and playing a crucial role in implementing UN Resolution 1701 and asserting Lebanon’s sovereignty.’

‘Implementing international resolutions and asserting the sovereignty of the state over all our country remains our priority. We are in a state of war, and southern Lebanon has been under bombardment for two months. What amazes us that we have not heard any statements from any government official and that the Minister of Defense is conspicuously absent from the scene.”

Regarding Gaza war and its repercussions, Gemayel stated: The region is on the brink of significant changes. Now, more than
ever, there is an urgent need to unite the believers in the freedom and sovereignty of this country, forming a unified front to protect Lebanon from the impending shifts.’

The Kataeb Leader called upon all sovereign forces to consolidate their positions in a transcendent manner beyond sectarian boundaries.

‘We, as Kataeb Party, do not endorse any sectarian approach; rather, our proposals are comprehensive and transcend sectarian divides. Our sole concern is the best interests of Lebanon, aiming for the restoration of order in institutions,’ he stressed.

Gemayel believed that Lebanon’s historical challenge had been the absence of sovereignty.

‘We strive to demarcate our borders and secure sovereignty, distancing ourselves from the proliferation of militias,’ he indicated.

‘Amid the current presidential vacuum and the political crisis, we are experiencing, we firmly reject the appointment of a new army commander without a head of state,’ he said.

‘We advocate for postponing the retirement of the current a
rmy commander until the election of a president,’ he emphasized.

Regarding legislative sessions, Gemayel said: ‘Our stance is principled and constitutional regarding this issue. We believe that the decision to postpone the retirement of the army commander can be made by the government.’

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon