Prime Minister Saad Hariri patronized Sunday the Future Movement’s ceremony in Tripoli to announce the “Future is for the North” electoral list.

In his delivered speech addressing the large crowd of supporters, Hariri said:

“Do you know what the best thing in these elections is? It is to stand here in the heart of the golden triangle called, Tripoli-Minnieh-Denniye!

Yes it is a golden triangle, because you are the gold that cannot be bought with the world’s money. Because the loyalty in your hearts, minds and consciences, the loyalty to the Future Movement, to Saad Hariri and to Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri is the gold that detects the fake tin others think they can sell!

Here, Rafic Hariri knew that he has support and that nothing in the world can break his dignity, his project, his faith in his religion, in his environment, in his Arabism and in his moderation. He believed in you and in your loyalty, you the people of Tripoli, Minnieh and Denniye.

Talking about loyalty, I have to start by saluting the loyal friend Mohammed Safadi for his stance in these elections, though we would have liked him to be on the North list, your list “the Future is for the North” that we came here to announce.

I pay tribute to Mohammed Safadi, who publicly disowned the zero percent government, which not only did nothing for Tripoli, but also disrupted the projects that were ready and that we are bringing back to implement!

They are trying to give the impression that the Future Movement is a stranger to Tripoli. As if we do not know that the people of Tripoli, Minnieh and Denniye gave a permanent residency to Rafic Hariri, his sacrifices and his love in the hearts of each and every one of you. As if Saad Hariri does not recognize, in every moment and decision he takes, the favor of the people of Tripoli, Minnieh and Denniye towards the Future Movement and the school of Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

This manner of talk may be normal in the election season because they forgot how their whole political and nonpolitical presence started. Maybe they forgot how the government was formed in 2005 and who named the Prime Minister. Maybe they forgot how the list was made in 2009 and who announced the list.

They said that Tripoli rejects tutelage on its decision. First, I will not discuss the issue of tutelage with them because they are experts on it, partners in it and representatives of it. Did you recognize who I am referring to or do I need to tell you the first letter of his name?

Yesterday I said in Akkar that there are lists for Bashar and Hezbollah being prepared in the North and outside. It seems they are longing for the tutelage era and for the time where the decision of Tripoli and the North was handed to the “Moumanaa” groups.

Let them all know, those on the lists of Bashar and Hezbollah, directly or indirectly: the era where they could control the decision of Tripoli will not return! The era of discord will not return and the era where they use intelligence services and weapons to impose their power will not return!

They are telling you in the election season: Tripoli refuses tutelage from outside. Ok, but what about Minnieh and Denniye, do they also refuse the tutelage? Today I am here to ask for the guardianship of Tripoli, Minnieh and Denniye over me. I am here to ask for your guardianship over your list, “The Future is for the North” through your votes. I, Saad Rafic Hariri, am not a guardian over Tripoli, Minnieh and Denniye. But each and every one of you is a guardian over me. You know what? The best thing about lying is that it allows you to see honesty. The best thing about treason is that it makes you see altruism and the best thing about disloyalty is that it makes you see loyalty.

Talking about disloyalty, we cannot forget the world champion who is writing reports against us and accusing us of treason and in the end he says that he is fighting Hezbollah.

We, the Future Movement, have lists in almost all of Lebanon against Hezbollah, from Shebaa to Sidon, North Bekaa, West Bekaa, Zahle, Beirut and the North. We have candidates who are in direct confrontation with candidates from Hezbollah and lists supported by Hezbollah.

If you are against Hezbollah, why are all your lists confronting the lists of the Future Movement and specifically the candidates of the Future Movement?

If I am confronting Hezbollah and Hezbollah is attacking me, and you have nothing else to do except attacking me, what does this mean? If you know, it is a disaster, and if not, the disaster is greater!

Anyway, this region will say its word on May 6 and it will be the real response to the voices that you recognized.

The word of the Future Movement is the word of Tripoli, Minnieh and Denniye, from the national, developmental and social perspective.

Our project is to protect the country and the North with deeds and not words, with moderation and not extremism, with strong stance and wisdom and not with fake wars, and with honesty with the people and not by buying their friendship.

God bless the soul of Rafic Hariri who used to say: The most important thing is honesty…On May 6, we will all say the word of honesty and loyalty!

It is not us who were in the Prime Ministry and watched 20 rounds of fighting in Tripoli without doing anything! As soon as Tamam Salam became Prime Minister, we ensured a political cover for the army and the internal security forces to impose stability in Tripoli and ensure the safety of our people in Tripoli.

We did not bargain over detainees. When we assumed the Prime Ministry, we started working on an amnesty law and you saw that its draft is ready.

We did not disrupt the projects in the region. We launched projects worth tens of millions of dollars in the infrastructure of Minnieh, Denniye and Tripoli and you are seeing them.

Because ensuring employment for young men and women in Tripoli, Minnieh and Denniye is our main goal, the North’s share of the national project is $3 billion. This amount is for electricity, sewage, water, communication, waste and tourism in the North. Three billions, and each billion will generate tens of thousands of new job opportunities. This is a reality and not just talk.

But this project, the project of stability, economic progress and development in the North and all over Lebanon needs something more important than financing. It needs your votes. The vote of each and every one of you. On May 6 you will decide if this project will continue or not and I am sure of your answer, in advance.

A war was launched against us, against Saad Hariri and the Future Movement. It was not against those who blab because no one cares about them whether in Lebanon or outside Lebanon. We are the real nerve in confrontation, challenge and national balance.

We are the ones who change the equation, ensure that nothing comes before legitimacy and the state, and that strengthening the army and the security forces to disrupt the project against the state is one million times better than forming a militia and establishing confrontation lines in Tripoli, Beirut, Sidon and other areas.

We changed the equation and pushed everyone to recognize that protecting Lebanon would be by stopping the interference in the Arab affairs and preventing the Syrian fire from moving to our country.

We changed the equation and said that the Sunnis in Lebanon are not weak and that their role in the national equation is stronger than any weapon and the policies of Moumanaa.

We are the first defense line of the dignity of Sunnis because their dignity is the dignity of Lebanon. Lebanon’s dignity, stability, moderation and Arabism are Rafic Hariri’s legacy to all of us, particularly the people of Tripoli, Minnieh, Denniye and all of the North.

The stability, security, development, dignity, Arabism and moderation of the North is the trust that your list is carrying in these elections.

Before announcing the names of members of the list, I want to salute and thank my colleague Ahmad Fatfat and pray for the soul of the late Badr Wanous.

Now the members of your list, “The Future is for the North” are:

-Tripoli: Mohammed Kabbara, Samir Jisr, Georges Bkassini, Dima Jamali, Nehme Mahfoud, Walid Sawalhi, Laila Shahoud, and Shadi Nashabi;

-Minnieh: Uthman Alameddine;

-Denniye: Kassem Abdulaziz and Sami Fatfat.

This is your list. This is your decision and your date with truth is on May 6, to keep the ‘Future for the North’ and for Lebanon,” Hariri concluded.

Source: National News Agency

Prime Minister Saad Hariri patronized Sunday the Future Movement's ceremony in Tripoli to announce the 'Future is for the North' electoral list. In his delivered speech addressing the large crowd of supporters, Hariri said: 'Do you know what the best thing in these elections is? It is to stand...