Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri said that the problems facing the formation of the government are fabricated by all those who put obstacles in the way of forming the government.

In a chat with reporters at the end of the meeting of the Future Parliamentary Bloc at the Center House on the promotion of a majority government, Premier Hariri stressed that he received the votes of 112 deputies to form a national entente government.

He said: I am not with a majority government. On the contrary, the consensus we obtained and the compromise we made is to have all the parties in the government, and we all bear the responsibility of things in the country. Other than that would be neglecting an effective matter that allowed us to carry out the elections, the electoral law and CEDRE and Rome conferences. Thus, we would be losing our credibility. Also, all the consultations that took place were based on an orientation to form a national entente government.

Premier Hariri refused the saying that President Michel Aoun is demanding a majority government, asserting that the only criterion for him is the national partnership and national accord. As for the obstructing parties, Premier Hariri said that the parties he supports maybe among those hindering the formation, but they have rightful demands, stressing that no one asked him to make a decision. He said: If some want to hold me responsible, the Lebanese people know who is actually responsible about for the obstruction.

As for the anticipated meeting with Minister Gibran Bassil, Premier Hariri said: We didn’t have the chance to meet yet.

Regarding the meeting that took place today between Speaker Nabih Berri and Minister Bassil, Premier Hariri said: It is a good meeting, and any meeting that leads to reconciliation between the Lebanese would be good for the country, for the governmental, parliamentary and legislative work and we are not against it. Weren’t we the first to support the Christian reconciliation? Any reconciliation between differing parties is good.

Premier Hariri refused to consider the visit of Minister Bassil to Speaker Berri came as a result of Syrian pressure.

In response to a question he said: It is impossible to visit Syria not in the near or far future even if all the equations in the region change. If Lebanon’s interest requires that then you have to find someone else.

Future Parliamentary Bloc meeting

Earlier, Premier Hariri chaired the weekly meeting of the Future parliamentary bloc, during which discussions focused on the latest political developments and the general situation.

At the end of the meeting, the bloc issued a communique that was read by MP Dima Jamali.

First: The bloc listened to Premier Hariri on the latest developments of the formation of the government and the consultations that took place last week with the various political parties. In this regard, the bloc stressed the following:

Support Premier Hariri in his effort to form a national entente government where all the active components of the national partnership in the Parliament are represented in a way that suits the results of the binding parliamentary consultations.

The commitment to the requirements of the Constitution in the formation of the government governs the path chosen by the Prime Minister-designate, and which comes before any views or suggestions or attempts to bring new rules to the formation process.

The bloc draws the attention of all those involved in this matter that the only criteria which Prime Minister-designate upholds and acts according to it is the one that is stipulated by the Constitution and the national interest that requires the exit from the quota and start the governmental work as soon as possible.

The bloc considers the damage caused to the country due to the delay in the formation of the government is worse than any harm that a political party could feel from the loss of a government seat or a ministerial portfolio. And that we may pay a heavy price in the near future for the time wasted in political and media arguments if efforts are not united to ensure the right national conditions for the birth of the government.

The bloc emphasizes that the coordination between the President and the Prime Minister-designate is the basis for the formation of the government. It also reaffirms its confidence in the ability of the President and Prime Minister-designate to reach the desired goal in this regard and its full support for the adherence of Premier Saad Hariri to the political and national choices that he established with President Michel Aoun and where the process of advancing the state and its constitutional institutions was formed.

Second: The bloc congratulated the leadership of the Lebanese Army, its officers, and personnel on the occasion of the Army Day. It paid tribute to the sacrifices and dedication of the Lebanese army in protecting the country and its sovereignty, stressing that the military institution is the guarantor of all Lebanese and the protector of all the Lebanese territories. The army is a basic pillar of the state and a melting point for all the Lebanese citizens from all regions and sects.

Third: The bloc was briefed on the position of Akkar MPs regarding the establishment of the Lebanese University branch in Akkar and the rumors about an alleged suggestion to move it from Tal-al-Zeraa Alabde to another place. The bloc confirmed that the establishment of the branch was a result of Premier Saad Hariri’s efforts and a decision taken by the cabinet last year, and will not undergo any changes. Also, any rumors regarding the change of the location will not block the project, which is a rightful demand for the citizens of Akkar. This project will be for all Akkar and the North without any discrimination between regions and sects.

Finally, the bloc blessed the freedom of the young Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi and praised her steadfastness in the face of the Israeli occupation and its practices. It also announced its solidarity with all the Palestinians in the occupation prisons and with the struggle of the Palestinian people under occupation or in diaspora for their right in an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Source: National News Agency

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri said that the problems facing the formation of the government are fabricated by all those who put obstacles in the way of forming the government.In a chat with reporters at the end of the meeting of the Future Parliamentary Bloc at the Center House on...