Medical clinic in al-Nataf Military Airbase in Homs suburbs targeted in an attack of unknown source, January 20, 2023

On January 20, 2023, the building housing the medical clinic in the international coalition forces’ al-Nataf Military Airbase, located near al-Nataf Crossing on the Syrian-Jordanian borders, in the eastern suburbs of Homs governorate was targeted in a drone attack whose source we have not been able to identify.

The attack caused the partial destruction of the fence around the medical clinic, as well as damagingthe building and equipment, putting the clinic out of service for the civilians and servicemen living in al-Nataf area, which is under the joint control of international coalition forces and armed opposition factions.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights condemns any attacks targeting medical facilities and calls on the active parties to demonstrate greaterdiligence in their militaryoperations and torespect the principles of distinction and proportionalityin internationalhumanitarian law

Source: Syrian Network