Oman’s oil exports exceed 230 million barrels by end of September

Muscat, The total volume of Oman’s oil exported as at the end of September 2023 stood at 230,292,300 barrels. The average oil price was calculated at USD 79.9 per barrel. Exports comprised 80.2% of total oil production, which stood at 287,037,500 barrels, according to the data issued by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

According to Oman News Agency (ONA), total crude oil production dropped by 3.3% to reach 223,555,200 barrels.

The total condensates production rose by 8.1% to reach 63,482,300 barrels. The average of daily oil production hit 1,051,400 barrels as at the end of September 2023.

China topped the list of countries importing Oman’s crude oil with 210,172,000 barrels, followed by Japan with 7,384,500 barrels. Korea stood next with 2,851,600 barrels, followed by India with 2,716,200 barrels, while exports to other countries stood at 7,168,000 barrels.

Meanwhile, the total local production and imports of natural gas stood at 40,589.9 million cubic meters as at the end of September 2023, constituting a rise by 3.6% compared to 39,174.1 million cubic meters reported during the corresponding period in 2022. Natural gas usage by industrial projects stood at 23,777.0 million cubic meters, constituting 58.5% of total usage.

Oilfields used 10,089.0 million cubic meters of natural gas whereas power generation plants used 6,526.8 million cubic meters of natural gas. Industrial estates used 197.1 million cubic meters of natural gas.

Moreover, production of non-associated natural gas including imports stood at 32,442.5 million cubic meters whereas production of associated gas stood at 8,147.4 million cubic meters.

Source: Bahrain News Agency