SDF bombing of a market in Izaz city, Aleppo causes a massacre, November 22

On November 22, 2022, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) used a rocket launcher to fire multiple missiles targeting the Turkish Market in the middle of Izaz city in the northern suburbs of Aleppo governorate.

Five civilians were killed in the bombing, including a child, while a number of shops and facilities were partially destroyed.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights notes that the bombing was carried out by the SDF stationed at the Mennegh Military Airbase, which is six kilometers to the south of Izaz city.

We also stress that the area targeted is a vital area heavily populated by civilians, as it houses dozens of shops and is surrounded by many vital facilities.

SNHR stresses that through this action, the SDF has again categorically violated Security Council Resolutions 2139 & 2254 which call for ending indiscriminate attacks.

The SDF has also again violated the rules of international humanitarian law on distinguishing between civilians and fighters, spreading mass fear among civilians.

Source: Syrian Network