Syria, Russia ink memo of cooperation in emergency field

The Ministry of Local Administration and Environment signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Emergency in the field of firefighting and civil defense to exchange experiences, training and rehabilitation, and to enhance cooperation in the field of emergency and protection from the effects of disasters.

Minister of Local Administration and Environment, Hussein Makhlouf, described Syrian-Russian relations as historical and deep, appreciating the great support that Russia provides to the Syrian people at international forums, in addition to providing humanitarian aid.

Makhlouf added that the memorandum included the exchange of experiences between the two sides and benefiting from the Russian experience in training cadres of the firefighting and civil defense sectors.

In turn, Russian Deputy Minister of Emergencies Alexei Sirko affirmed his country’s readiness to train and teach Syrian cadres in Russian institutes and universities concerned with emergency situations, noting the importance of developing sports for firefighters and rescue workers.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency