Syrian-Algerian talks to enhance parliamentary cooperation

“Syrian-Algerian Fraternal Committee” at the People’s Assembly discussed with Algeria’s Ambassador to Syria , Lahsan Tuhami , bilateral cooperation and means of boosting it in the interest of the two countries.

Head and members of the Committee hailed Algeria’s stances in support of Syria, in particular, those in context of confronting the terrorist war , stressing the importance of strengthening the economic relations and encouraging the Algerian capitals to invest in Syria.

They hoped parliamentary mutual visits would be paid between the two sides.

For his part, Ambassador Tuhami affirmed his country’s continued support for Syria at all the international forums, stressing the importance of non-intervention in Syria’s domestic affairs and wishing that solution to the crisis would be Syrian.

He reiterated the importance of Syria’s return to its natural Arab role.

Tuhami referred to the possibility of establishing Syrian- Algerian partnerships in the two domains of medication and textile , affirming that the Algerian companies are ready to contribute to reconstructing Syria “which has begun to recovers and regains its strength.”

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)