The SRTF’s Phase IV Health Intervention in Ar-Raqqa Concludes Training Sessions for 151 of its Medical Staff

As part of its planned activities to improve the quality of healthcare services at seven primary health care centers (PHCs), the SRTF health intervention: “Supporting Health Services in Ar-Raqqa Governorate – Phase IV” recently completed two day training workshops for 151 staff members in Ar-Raqqa.

The training topics included information on methods of infection, triage protocols, infection control protocols, hands hygiene, respiratory health and cleaning and disinfecting the work environment. The staff was divided into 2 groups, the first group consisting of 77 individuals was trained on May 8^th^ , while the second group consisting of 74 individuals was trained on May 9^th^.

This intervention aims to maintain the quality of health services at seven PHC clinics, ambulances, and ancillaries already established and functioning throughout the previous three phases to deliver basic healthcare in the seven locations that were already supported. Additionally, the intervention will continue the services provided by the COVID-19 specialized hospital.

This intervention has a budget of EUR 1.7 million and will directly benefit 82,744 people, in addition to 149,427 indirect beneficiaries.

Source: Syria Recovery Trust Fund