Two civilians were killed by the explosion of a mine in southern Idlib governorate on Aug 16

Two civilians, Muhammad Omar Khalil and Saddam Dani, from Kensafra village in southern Idlib governorate, were killed on August 16, 2022, by the explosion of a landmine planted by unknown parties, while they were harvesting the figs crop at a farm between Kensafra village and al Fatira village in the southern suburbs of Idlib governorate.

Following the mine explosion, the region was hit by Syrian regime forces artillery shells, with the bombardment preventing the paramedic team from reaching the explosion site and recovering the victims’ bodies for several hours.

The region, which is under the joint control of Hay’at Tahrir al Sham and factions of the armed opposition, is considered close to the front lines with Syrian regime forces.

SNHR is still trying to reach witnesses to the incident to obtain more details.

We demand that the controlling forces assume full responsibility for protecting civilians in the areas under their control, and that they determine the locations of all mines planted in these areas and remove them.

We have documented hundreds of deaths and injuries as a result of mine explosions; these munitions will continue to constitute a severe threat to the population of these areas in years to come, especially to children.

Source: Syrian Network