Works Minister, Youth Affairs Minister, Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Company sign agreement

Ebrahim Bin Hasan Al Hawaj, Minister of Works, Rawan bint Najeeb Tawfiqi, Minister of Youth Affairs, and Khalid Mohammed Kanoo, Board of Directors Chairman at Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Company, signed an agreement to build Sharifa Kanoo Arts Centre in Muharraq.

The centre aims to support talented young artists by developing their skills by conducting training programmes, workshops, and initiatives; and highlighting their work.

The Kanoo family has supported the artistic, cultural and social movement in Bahrain for many years, Minister Al Hawaj said, praising the charity and humanitarian work of Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Company and its contribution to the development of Bahrain.

Al Hawaj said the ministry will support the centre by supervising all stages of design and construction, adding that a competition will be announced where architecture students, engineering graduates, young architects, professionals or engineering offices can compete to present design and concept proposals for the centre.

Minister Tawfiqi welcomed the strategic partnership with Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Company, which is considered one of the top socially responsible organisations in Bahrain.

She commended the approach of promoting Bahraini youth as one of company’s top priorities and working to create youth incubators to embrace national talents.

The minister said that the arts centre will be built on a land owned by the Youth Affairs Ministry in Muharraq.

On his part, Khalid Mohammad Kanoo said the agreement underscores the company’s interest in supporting artistic initiatives, recalling that the Sharifa Kanoo Arts Centre was the first of its kind in Bahrain.

Kanoo touched on the potential that the art sector holds in creating investment and job opportunities.

He explained that the center will support talented artists and help them become stand-alone businesses, with the potential to become an academic institution offering certificates in various specialties and equipping youth with skills for the labour market.

The chairman highlighted the company’s keenness to strengthen partnerships with government institutions in various sectors, especially with the Ministry of Youth Affairs, which provides targeted initiatives to embrace young talents through distinguished programmes.

Source: Bahrain News Agency