Industry Minister receives Azerbaijani Ambassador

Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro, Minister of Industry and Commerce, received Shaheen Abdullayev, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Bahrain residing in Riyadh.

The meeting discussed bilateral ties and ways to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

The …

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Bahrain All Share Index marks 1,934.44 points

Bahrain All Share Index closed at 1,934.44 points, marking a decrease of 4.58 points below the previous closing.

This decrease was due to the drop in the communication service sector, consumer discretionary sector and financial sector.

Bahrain Isl…

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Halal Products Development Company (HPDC) and American Eat Just, Inc., specializing in innovative food, have announced a strategic collaboration through which HPDC will provide its consulting services to assist Eat Just in obtaining halal certification and necessary approvals, with the aim of exporting its products to local and regional markets.

Moreover, a specific strategy will be developed to help Eat Just enter the halal products market.

HPDC CEO Fahad bin Suleiman Al Nahit expressed pride in partnering with Eat Just, a company specializing in innovative food, including dairy, egg, and …

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