Minarets of Historical Mosques in Al-Baha Attract Visitors Interested in Architecture

The historical mosques in Al-Baha, with their distinctive architectural designs, are among the most important and beautiful historical landmarks in the region. Constructed on top of mountains using local wood and stones from the Sarawat Mountains, these mosques have become a destination for photography enthusiasts and people interested in unique architecture.

The minarets of the mosques are often cylindrical in shape and range in height from 10 to 12 meters. The top of the minaret, reached by a spiraling staircase, is encircled by a balcony from where the muezzin calls for prayer.

As part of Prince Mohammed bin Salman Project for the Development of Historical Mosques, many such mosques were renovated and restored in Al-Baha.

The project, which was announced in 2018, is dedicated to preserving the Kingdom’s mosques and sharing Saudi Arabia’s rich culture, history and heritage with the world.

Source: Saudi Press Agency