Two civilians were killed by the explosion of a landmine in eastern Idlib on September 25

Two civilians from the same family, Sattam Khalil al Sattaf al Nawaf and Abdul Karim Nayef al Fawaz al Nawaf, were killed on September 25, 2022, after the explosion of a landmine planted by an unidentified source near a car they were driving in al Bwaider village east of Abo al Zhuhur town in eastern Idlib governorate, which is controlled by Syrian regime forces.

SNHR is still trying to reach out to witnesses to the incident to obtain more details.

SNHR calls on the controlling forces to protect civilians in areas under their control, reveal the location of landmines, and remove them.

We have documented hundreds of deaths and injuries due to explosions of landmines, which will continue to constitute a threat to civilians in these areas, especially children, for years to come.

Source: Syrian Network